Little Silver Linings

  • New Heights

    New Heights

    Watching your 4 year old, 7 pound Pomeranian reach new heights at the beach. 

  • Coco & Nico

    Coco & Nico

    These are the photos I save for when I find myself stuck in the hospital on a rainy day, looking out at a grey sky, awaiting an invasive procedure that I am both hesitant and impatient to receive. My happy family on a Sunday morning. I will get there soon. 

  • Minty Kitchen Candle

    Minty Kitchen Candle

    This crushed mint candle will rejuvenate your kitchen with freshness. No need to even wipe down the counters!

    This one is made by Kobo.

  • Quiet Afternoon Croissant

    Quiet Afternoon Croissant

    Sometimes all you need is thirty minutes in your favorite chair, nibbling on a just-warmed crispy, chewy croissant slathered with orange/peach marmalade to reach total relaxation and bliss. Luxury is something you can create for yourself. Do not wait for it to "happen" to you. Go out and get it!

  • A Travel Blanket to Change Your Entire Day

    A Travel Blanket to Change Your Entire Day

    I received this blanket from a dear family friend who I had been complaning to about the temperature fluctuations in Houston! Outside it was 102 degrees, and inside the hospital waiting rooms, infusion rooms, and hallways, it was a constant 65 degrees. Nightmarish! This travel blanket has so many uses:  a huge shawl, a cozy blanket, or a throw for over your shoulders. The cashmere is of the finest quality - such a slice of luxury. Curled up underneath it with your iPad and latest guilty TV show, you will be transported right out of that hospital and straight into a first class lounge at the airport. 

    Available at barneys.