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  • Bat Friday

    Bat Friday

    I've just emerged from a 30-minute bath, a deep cleanse and recovery from last night's 2-hour Halloween extravaganza. I think that word is appropriate here considering the staggering number of trick-or-treaters who rang our bell last night (7). I am exhausted! I feel as if I had homemade those mini Snickers bars myself! I make so many plans these days, they're all amazingly colorful and fun and totally doable in my mind, but when I actually get down to doing them, well that's a whole different story. Grrrr... steroids. Can't live with'em, can't live without'em. (I am now off of these dreaded pills, but my body is slow to pick back up!)

    My beautiful candy basket (orange and black, candy laying on a bed of straw) is wilting away in East Hampton where I thought I would be. Joint pain and muscle aches prevented me from driving out yesterday. My pumpkins, spooky candles, the whole shebang, just sitting in an empty house. I am so ready to put Halloween to bed for this year.

    Not so for the city that never sleeps. It seems everyone (especially the over-30 crowd) is on to their 3rd costume of the weekend. And it's Friday.