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  • Chemo Chic - Julie Pazderka

    Chemo Chic - Julie Pazderka


    Julie Pazderka reached out to me months ago a few days after I launched my website. She has been a constant source of support and strength. At 24-years old she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was treated with the chemotherapy Doxurubicin, the "red devil" as she calls it. I know that description is true; I was treated with it too! She fought like a superstar, traveled the world. She had a slight setback as some bad cells tried to creep back this past summer, but she has been in remission since September, looking fabulous, holding her head high, inspiring young women around the world. 

    Here she is in Cambodia, in a vintage white Ralph Lauren button down and a pair of custom silk pants she had made in Vietnam.

    For a formal ball in Bohemia, she pairs a long white jersey turban with a "blinged out quinceañera" dress she found on her travels. Julie, our prayers and thoughts to you every day. We are inspired by your beauty, grace, and unwavering strength.

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